Royal Luxury Silk Sleep Mask    -   Good for you  -  Good for our Planet !

CP WorldFocus is an Canadian based company specializing in high quality, environmental friendly wellness products.

We are taking our slogan

*Good for You - Good for our Planet* 

very seriously.

  The Founder:

Chris J. Poellein

  • Former World Cup Skier
  • 16 International podium finishes
  • Entrepreneur
  • Motivational Speaker for personal and professional development
  • Environmentalist

The Company

 Chris J. Poellein, the founder of CPWorldFocus,  represented Germany for six years as a professional skier at the World Cup Circuit. During the years of 1986 to 1992 she harvested 16 international podium finishes and countless injuries. Both seemed a good enough reason to retire from the stress of competitive sport and come to Canada.

After years and years dealing with insomnia ( and everything that goes with it) I decided to step up and design a Silk Sleep Mask of the highest quality possible. So I founded CP WorldFocus and went to work" stated Chris.

A Google search had shown that over 50 000 people are looking every month for a sleep mask, so Chris knew she can make a difference in many people's life.

It took many, many month to come up with the right design, find a outstanding silk supplier that guaranteed the desired quality of silk and is able to manufacture the product to her specifications. After all - Chris is German and very particular in regard to high quality.

Everybody at CPWorldFocus is so excited to be part of the solution that will create a better quality of life for millions of people plus leaves only a very, very small carbon footprint on our planet.”

Please, always feel free to drop a note with ideas and suggestions on how we can make our Royal Luxury Sleep Mask - or our website better.  You are important to us and we truly appreciate your input.

... is that we always strive to find the highest quality of materials and design for any product we offer throughout our business.
We promise to always listen to you and to welcome any suggestions 
of improvement.

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