Royal Luxury Silk Sleep Mask        -      Good for you  -  Good for our Planet !

​The outside of our sleep pillow is kept in an elegant royal blue, but the inside is deep black. This will provide an even better protection from incoming light. One extra step to show you how much we care. 

The carefully added nose-bridge will insure that absolute no light disturbs your sleep or meditation. Our staff is taking extra care in sowing in this delicate high quality material.

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Millions of people are having sleeping problems or work irregular hours and need to get a good rest during the day. Ongoing clinical researchis warning about the serious effects of sleep deprivation to our health. Whether due to stress, a busy schedule or a medical condition, the lack of sleep has a distinct negative effect on our ability to function well physically and mentally.

 A new trend seems to be to use a silk mask formeditation and quick rejuvenation techniques to get a deeper inward focus.

Our highest quality Silk Sleeping Mask is elegant, luxurious and out of this world comfortable. Furthermore,
Mulberry silk is a natural substance with no odor whatsoever! This makes it a must-have for anybody who is very sensitive to unpleasant smells and/or is prone to allergies. Needless to say ... this one of a kind sleeping mask is equally treasured by men, women and kids.

Regardless if it's used while traveling on airplanes, in hotels, or simply trying to get a restful sleep in a non-darkened room, this eye pillow will help you to find the deserved rest. Migraine sufferers are also raving about all the benefits of our Sleep Mask.

 Silk is comprised simply of two natural proteins, which are sericin and fibroin plus 18 essential amino acids. This makes our ROYAL LUXURY SILK SLEEP MASK one of the best natural products on the market and is in absolute not comparison with the thousands of sleeping masks that are manufactured from synthetic and chemical materials.

For many environmentally conscious consumers, choosing a Eco-friendly eye mask is the natural solution for sleeping in a toxic-free environment.

Even though silk is a very durable textile, it is quick to biodegrade and therefore can easily be recycled without any harm to our planet.

So, if you are concern and wondering if silk  is Eco-friendly or not  -  the definitive answer is

What makes this the best

Silk ​​​Sleeping Mask ?