Our package includes: The most amazing Silk Sleep Mask,

a elegant carry bag which also can be used to wash your eye mask in the washing machine (it will extend the life of your Sleep Mask by years) plus ear plugs to cut out noise. 

Royal Luxury Silk Sleep Mask     -    Good for you  - Good for our Planet !

  • Our ROYAL LUXURY SLEEP MASK is made with 100% pure Mulberry Silk - loved by men, women & kids
  • Best sleeping mask for people with sensitive skin. This eye cover is hypoallergenic, comfortable, adjustable and super-lightweight
  • Natural aid for migraine, sleep disorders, insomnia, cooling, soft, washable, absolute odorless
  • Perfect for travel on air-planes, trains or for camping, deeply relaxing, great for meditation
  • Shift workers need this eye mask to block out light and allow a deeper level of rest

 When I learned how to /and what to look for in high quality silk, I realized how rare silk sleep masks made with a 19mm weight really are.  For the matter of fact, the Royal Luxury sleep mask is the only one I have ever found.

Paying a couple dollars more for this high quality mask was a no-brainer for me since it lasts five time as long as other cheaper models. Plus,  I have the insurance that my eyes and the skin will have no allergic reaction.

Jutta P, Victoria, BC.


I had never used a sleep mask before and was not sure if I would be comfortable having my eyes covered. OMG! One night I just could not sleep and decided to purchase this product. Best decision I made. Super comfortable, soothing and enables me to sleep peacefully.

~ E.G, Vancouver BC.


I have been struggling with insomnia and migraine headaches for years!

Over time I needed stronger and stronger medications to give me relieve and I became seriously concerned about that. My brother-in-law finally convinced me to buy this sleeping mask. I could kick myself for not having ordered the mask month ago!!! It totally cuts out light and feels so gentle on my face. Now I can take a nap in the afternoon and my migraine goes away in a short time after I rest with the mask on. What a relief !

Petra K. Seattle, WA


Congratulation Chris,

this is the most amazing silk sleeping mask I have ever bought. Elegant, highly functional and extremely comfortable.It's worth every penny and more.

Bruce Baumgardner, AZ


I adore the mask! The ultimate luxury and sleep aid in one! I want to get more for gifts for my friends and family!
 This mask is for people who know quality, appreciate the health benefits of silk and have high ascetic standards. Absolutely perfect for me!
Thank you for bringing this product to the public.
Laura , Sedona AZ


I always thought sleeping masks are more for women!

Because I travel a lot, my wife surprised my with your Royal Luxury Silk Sleep Mask for my Birthday. My first thought when I opened the present was " ohh gosh .. what's next ?!!!  I took the eye mask on my next flight to Amsterdam, and was I ever glad I did! I had a very good rest during the long flight and felt fit and sharp at the business meetings I had to attend right after my arrival.

The sleep mask is obviously of very high quality, something I truly appreciate.

One thing is guaranteed - I will never again go on a long flight without my sleep mask.  It has already "earned" me tons of money by going well rested into business meetings. 

Peter  Hansen, Vancouver BC.


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